LinkedIn vs Facebook

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There is little to compare in between these two social media powerhouses. However, why is it that we spend more time on one than the other? Especially if one can enrich our professional growth versus increasing our virtual popularity. I’ve decided to move my limited online time to my blog and LinkIn sites versus wasting time on evil FB. Don’t get me wrong, FB has it’s place. I know some people actually use FB professionally, but the distractions and privacy issues outweigh the positives for using it constructively.









Hashtag Fail

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I went to church today and ran into this flyer.

I was delighted to see my church reaching out to the youth using social media. However, what can be (or go) wrong with this hash tag #LookAtMeNow?  Well, click on the link to see for yourself. You will see tweets that may NOT be Christian focused?

Apparently, very little thought went into the decision to use this tag. My point is when using hash tags, you want to make them unique especially if you are going to use it for a youth revival…