I’m Baaaaaack! Took break due to…..

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Packrat…MENTAL EXHAUSTION! Instead of blogging, I’ve been hitting the pavement exercising both running and cycling. However, this summer I will work on a life balance and factor blog writing in the equation.

Now that testing and the 2013-14 academic school is finally over, I can do some reflection and planing for the next school year. Some summer projects I would like to work on:

  • Integration of fitness and nutrition with current CCSS math curriculum (especially since it a part of the health literacy component of the 21st century framework )
  • Delve into the hype of Rasberry Pi and make “heads or tails” of it
  • Decide to either use my Edmodo, Moodle or iTunes-U with my classes.
  • Work on a EdTech publication! It’s time to share with the world all of the useful knowledge in my head
  • Either dye or pluck out all of the gray hair from my head due to stress (just kidding)

I am planning to attend to CMS Summer Institute (#CMSSI14) for two weeks. I am a little excited about this conference and of course I will share my excitement here. Enough of my rambling, let me get back to boxing up my classroom…

Pack rat powers, activate!





Harmless Jelly Snap Bracelets, Not!

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Sex bracelets… wow… I haven’t seen these since my first year of teaching in Charlotte (2003). Kudos to All Pro Dad for addressing the resurgence of this issue. If you are not aware of the meaning of these bracelets, check this out.

Data… The Gentle Juggernaut

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data (n) : pieces of information; information

The beast of data is everywhere. We are bombarded by data so much that we take it for granted. In my honest opinion, we fail to see its importance until this smelly beast is either taken from us without consent OR we are notified that it no longer belongs to us; for example, see current Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) issue.

Another example…. In general on the  school front, there exist a  struggle with maintaining an accurate database on parent contact information (which is vital when emergencies arise) and also grades (do all of those stacks of graded/ungraded assignments get inputted into the digital grade book? One missing grade can make or break a student.)

I can go on and on about data… but my main question is when did the value of this data beast increase throughout the many years to become the humongous juggernaut today? Something to think about. Can we blame No Child Left Behind (NCLB)? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)? What do you think?