Is this an examplar of what Einstein deeply feared?

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“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

I do believe that we have arrived to the confirmation of Mr. Einstein’s famous quote. If you don’t believe me, please check out this video and I’ll let you make the determination to see how far fetched it is from reality…


Mobile Tagging…. Revenge of the Cue Cat’s Spirit!

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Hmmm…. I am sure that you have seen either of these two new codes (QR & Microsoft tags/codes explained on Joseph Kim’s blog)especially if you read any current magazines. 

UPC codes has been around for awhile and for years, people in marketing has been trying to make it useful for the consumer. In the late 90’s Radio Shack pushed the cuecat to help consumers to scan products to go to the vendor’s website. Unfortunately, this concept did not materialize to anything the average person would really want to do.

However, in the past few years, vendors have been experimenting with the usage of QR codes on smart phones as demonstrated in the image below. I am sure that the usage mobile tags will continue to grow in this smartphone age.

Idle technology is the devil’s workshop


We’ve heard of students using their cell phones to record brawls and post them on YouTube. We also heard of students using cell phones to capture the lack of professionalism of educators and people in the locker rooms. Now, I ask… what is next?!

Today, my administrator had alert the staff of the latest issue that is going on with cell phones. The issue is called ‘sexting‘. I did a little research and located the following article that goes a little more in depth.

As educators that embrace technology, we must be aware of what our students are doing with it since we are overwhelmingly NOT using them to good use. If you wonder how can they be used constructively in the classroom? Let me share some ideas from Ms. Lisa Nielsen’s blog – The Innovative Educator.

In the words of GI Joe, “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!”

You’ve seen it…

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Yes… the stare of death into their laps.

As a middle school teacher, it kills me when I catch a student doing this classic move. When confronting the student, they say…..”I’m not doing anything! What are you talking about?” You know without a doubt that they are TEXTING!!!! It has been known for some students to actually text without looking at the keys. Amazing memorization and dexterity, eh?

Also, beware of the silent/mosquito ringer tone. Depending on the teacher’s age, you will not be able to hear the tone; as illustrated by the graph provided below from

Fortunately I can hear it for now because I often play around with it on my phone during staff meetings to aggravate the younger teachers.

Due to the growing issues with cell phones in the classroom, we might as well use these devices to our advantage. I am looking forward to the bright engineers from Texas Instruments to team up with Black Berry to create the ultimate graphing calculator/smart phone. I know that there are free apps such as gCalc and XCalc BlackBerry that will allow this to happen now. In my humble opinion, I feel that if TI endorses/creates the product, I do believe that it would actually be embraced within our school systems…. maybe. What do you think?