Yet Another Frickin’ Graphing Calculator Update

Can you actually believe that they are updating the TI-Nspire already? I don’t think that its worth going to Baltimore for NCTM to see it.

Well, maybe so… Looks like they just seperated the numeric and alpha keypad. Unfortunately the keypad is not in the QWERTY format. I wonder if the upgrade is only the keypad upgrade, not the whole kit and kaboodle. Also, I wonder when they will update the TI-84 OS on the TI-Nspire that will allow the cool features of version 2.53MP?!

TI… we need some answers!


What tha heck is a comptometer?

Here is one of my rainy day posts.

 A few weeks ago, I had a enlightening discussion about calculator usage with one of my fellow mathematicians. She stated that we were actually considered software to the contraption to left. 

This image is identified as a comptometer. Being the nerd that I am, I though I knew of every vintage calculating machine that ever existed to man. However, I learned something new that day. You actually had to be a trained comptometrist to touch this machine; and if you were trained, you were in high demand due to its high learning curve.

My collegue, a trained comptometrist, demonstrated the arithmetic operation manuevers; which to me seems to require great manual dexterity to crunch numbers with speed this way. I recorded it and have it here to share with you. In regards to calculator technology, we have really come a long way. This would be great to share with students to see how easy they have it now and we should not take that calculating device for granted; or even let them do research on this device and other vintage calculators.



Going retro today…

Great video from the 70’s… Same technology today can be found at the nearest dollar store.

And to imagine… The kid in the video with the glasses, Elliot was me back in the day; but my TRS-CoCo was the original, not CoCo3.

In 1969, they were right on target with future technology; just terminology is a bit off.