Dear Apple… You’ve won me over with Safari… Sike!

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For the past few months as I have been enjoying my iPad, I have been growing more acclimated in using the Apple’s premier browser, Safari. I liked it so much, I had the audacity to install it on my Windows 7 laptizzle. I really thought that I could synch my Reading List items on all of my devices, but this was only a dream, until now…. with Chrome, gets the job done.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to verify to see if I can see my favorites from my iPad on my PC. It’s terrible times with my PC. It is suffering from a severe case of the BSOD (blue screen of death). I tried all measures to restore it, and even tried to upgrade it to the preview version of Windows 8, but still arrived to no solution.

Anyway, I’m going to keep rocking and rolling with Chrome on my iPad and you all keep my PC in your prayers…


iPad 3rd Gen is the charm?

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Yes, I’ve really been hungry for an iPad. I guess this want is logical since I am a proud owner of an iPhone 4. In order to be a pioneer in using this tablet technology in the classroom, I must be prepared to be a model for my fellow educators, right? The iPad 3 was released yesterday (3/16) and I was able to stop by an Apple store to witness the madness and get my hands on this device.

Anyway, My school district has an innovation for transformation grant that will supply me with an iPad 3 and an additional ten iPads for my students. My school has until the end of the month to get the paper work together. I participated in a workshop on Thursday that gave participants grant writing ideas which was useful. I will share further details on my quest to integrate this new technology in my classroom or other educational endeavor.

My two i$$ue$ with (iPad, Xoom, Playbook, etc.) tablet$ for education

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When purchasing equipment for education, you have to look at the “long haul.”  Since district money is tight and purchasing technology equipment is considered as an academic investment in our children, there is no room for waste.

When equipment needs to be repaired, technicians are available on hand to troubleshoot or maintain laptops, but tablets? Hmmm… Let’s look at my main two issues with tablets.

1. Battery replacement
After a few years of recharging over and over again, I’m sure the battery life will take a turn for the worse just like any other battery dependent device.

2. Screen replacement (heaven forbid!)
Students drop stuff – Yes, it’s inevitable. Following video shows how fragile the iPad screen really is. (Please excuse the choice of words after the last drop in the video.)

iPhone 4G 4me!

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Hmmm…. Front facing camera could definately be useful. Wonder if education will ever allow or even REQUIRE such a device for academic use.

The worst has happened…


Yesterday, believe it or not, I went the whole day with sans Blackberry. This circumstance was due to an issue with my battery (well I thought it was my battery anyway). Every time I attempted to charge it up, it would not recognize that it was plugged up. Hmmmmm… went in to the AT&T store and spoke to a kind gentleman who assisted me in trying to solve my BB Curve issue. Looked like one of the phone’s female micro usb receptical pins were damaged. Warranty was out, and no insurance. Broham is out of luck especially when contract is up on JUNE 25. So until then, I will have to downgrade to my old Motoral Rokr phone. Well, I guess I can work on my iTunes playlists back again.

Anyway… now it is really funny how it so happens that yesterday, Apple announces their new OS version 3 for the iPhone. From the above pic, Apple may have just won me over to the dark side. Great preview found on youtube… Sorry RIM, gotta kick ya to the curve, oops curb…

Invasion of the Hackintosh!

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Image provided by Gizmodo

Image provided by Gizmodo

I ran into this great article last week in regards to installing Mac OSX on a Dell mini netbook. I am not condoning any type of piracy, but if I decided to take this project on, I would definately purchase the OS, and then follow the directions from the above article. Bugs are expected, but if I really was fienin’ on getting a mac, this would definately be my first option. Looks like a great tax refund project or I may just attempt this on my HP 2133.