As I get a moment to sit down and collect my thoughts, I am thankful to be sitting in my classroom with a few students that are dedicated to making up missing work. I am totally exhausted from all events that have come before me. However, I am here finally jotting a few words. Knowing that this year is almost over, I have to get back into the swing of things in sharing and reflecting on my interactions and activities from the week. I am especially thankful for writing this blog post on a Microsoft Surface. My experience with this device has been refreshing. I am also thankful for going to some awesome professional development for the past few weeks. But most of all, I am thankful for a beautiful life, beautiful family, and beautiful friends. God bless…

Inserting originality daily in math

This semester, I plan to do a few things differently. One thing I plan to do is to use GetAttachmentthese two greek letters Phi & Psi in my class activities.

Ψ (Psi) = date (ie. 23)
Φ (Phi) = student’s seat number

This would all students to see relationships of numbers and also bring authenticity to student work. I will later give examples and share my students’ artifacts.


North Carolina to Pearson: We Want Our Money Back!

We are still having PowerSchool woes. It is very unfortunate that Pearson doesn’t have a PLAN B for system to handle server or database issues. Whatever happened to if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it with the other eSIS system?

Diane Ravitch's blog

North Carolina officials are trying to get a refund from Pearson because of flaws in the data system that Pearson is running for the state.

Pearson is charging the state $7.1 million for its information system but it doesn’t work.

Here are some of the problems with Pearson’s PowerSchool:


At the Observer’s request, CMS produced a summary of ongoing problems with PowerSchool.

• Transcripts: Cannot produce transcripts for mid-year graduates. System maintenance has wiped out some data for other students.

• Athletic eligibility: PowerSchool cannot generate eligibility reports. CMS created a local system.

• Driver’s license eligibility: Can’t create reports that verify students’ eligibility.

• Graduates and dropouts: Reporting systems on retention, promotion and graduation don’t work; there is no dropout reporting system.

• School activity reports: CMS has created work-around systems because of flaws in reports that track teacher qualifications and student-teacher ratios.

• Enrollment: Monthly…

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Exhaustive List of Online Math Resources

I gotta thank for this list of resources for math educators. If you are deciding to front-load/flip your classroom, this is a great place to start.

I am familiar to approximately 98.6% of the list. So, this Labor Day weekend is a good time to explore!

  1. Brightstorm
  2. CK12
  3. Class Zone
  4. Geogebra
  5. Glencoe
  6. K-5 Math Teaching Resources
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Kuta Software
  9. Henrico County Mathematics
  10. Illustrative Mathematics Project
  11. IXL
  12. Learn Zillion
  13. Mathematics Assessment Project
  14. Mixing in Math
  15. NCTM Illuminations
  16. National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
  17. PBS Learning Media
  18. Purple Math
  19. Quia
  20. Read Write Think
  21. Regents Prep
  22. Science Net Links
  24. Shodor
  25. Smithsonian Education
  26. Teach Engineering
  27. Ten Marks
  28. Texas Instruments
  29. Xpeditions by National Geographic
  30. XP Math
  31. YouTube

Jammin’ w/Pringles

I ran into this Pringles Can offer this evening after popping a few of these crispy treats. I was curious to see if it was worth investing in a total of 4 canisters of these chips. Thanks to youtube, I have the opportunity to get a preview of this sound device. After watching the following video, I just wonder what can be done to this can to increase the bass output? Modifications or hacks will surely be coming next.

Outlook Express Reinvented

Back in the day when I had control of my Hotmail inbox, I used a nifty email client program that was attached to Windows called Outlook Express. It allowed me to check (offline & archive) my mail, tune into the groovy newsgroups, and update my contacts with ease. After the Vista upgrade, I lost my friend. 😦

Now, I have discovered Windows Live Mail, my long lost friend has been replaced with a lean mean machine! I am currently checking it out so I really cannot share my personal pros and cons of this new product. However, I am sure that I will not be disappointed. Thanks Micro$wizzle!


Finally making time to jot a few thoughts in my blog….

This year I have different role at my school. I have taken on the responsibility as the official tech contact in addition to co-teaching in an 8th grade math resource classroom.

I will utilize my blog in addition to twitter to facilitate some meaningful dialogue on my experiences with both challenging endeavors.  I look forward to working on my SLO (Student Learning Objectives) and PDP (Professional Development Plan), too. Sarcasm intended (just kidding!)

I will share details of these two required beasts later…