Smarter Computer Troubleshooting… How?

Parents, do you have a teenager that has your computer wrecked with I-DONT-KNOW-WARE on your computer? Please continue reading this post to help you solve your problems. Well, at least learn a technique to address the issue.

I have a side hustle where I work on computers. I have one client that has a son that BSODs their laptop at least once every six months. I am not knocking my steady business, but the madness must end.

I suggested the parent to “sandbox” their computer. What is sandboxing? It is a way to configure your computer to not keep newly installed programs after the machine restarts. The concept is kinda like a real sandbox. When you are finished playing, you clean/smooth out the sandbox to leave it the way you found it.

So I referred the parent to use sandboxie to install on their machine and try it out for another six months to see if it makes a difference.  There are other sandboxing programs out there. Raviratlami’s blog (8/2006) has shed some additional light on the subject. I really hope that this resolves the issue… If not, there is always SecondChance by PowerQuest.