Apple… You can do better by yourself.

Here is my last blog post dedicated to the good people of Apple Computers, Inc.

ATTENTION – Brother Jobs and the others engineers at Apple: We DO NOT NEED a music player that takes pictures or videos. We NEED a music player that has a radio FM tuner, or even a HD receiver.


You were supposed to dominate the mp3/music industry and crush the competition. Please prepare to get your jaw rocked by Micro$oft who is about to launch a much better product the which seems better by comparison.  Also, since I kinda mentioned the iPhone, again… please take notes from the Palm Pre architecture and do a “Apple-spin’ to it. In other words, we need a REAL qwerty-key pad on a REAL touch screen phone. We all know that you are capable in designing such a product.

So, please look at the numbers after a few quarters and go back to the drawing board or just go back to the basics. Be the true juggernaut you were supposed to be.