The Downfall of BYOT

In the back of our minds, we are already aware what may cause the downfall of the BYOT movement. We just don’t want to admit it. The source of what powers technology is “the problem”. Using common sense, we all know that there will be a great demand for charging these devices to last throughout the day. Colleges are already dealing with this issue.

Charging stations will be a vital requirement of power management for teachers in the classroom. While a student’s device is being charged, will the teacher have a backup device to supply in order to maintain the student engagement?

Will schools have to give a limit of devices that can be charged at on time in an outlet? Will there be an increase of fire hazards in schools? I will not even touch the issue of theft of property theft while the electronic devices being charged.  These issue cannot be avoided (unless we demand engineers of our electronic devices to create be solar powered versions) for the time has come for students to be empowered with these devices for instruction. As TD Jakes states, “Get ready, get ready, get ready!”

I AM A-PAIN iPhone app

Okay… iPhone you win… My BB is certified to be no fun compared to the feature of this autotune app. I am not hating, but…

This app is a great novelty at first, but we don’t need a plethora of T-pain wannabes out here! Hey Jay-Z, I think that this app definetly twists the knife in the death of autotune. (BTW, I meant to replace the the ‘T’ with an ‘A’ in T-Pain of the title of this post.)

Apple… You can do better by yourself.

Here is my last blog post dedicated to the good people of Apple Computers, Inc.

ATTENTION – Brother Jobs and the others engineers at Apple: We DO NOT NEED a music player that takes pictures or videos. We NEED a music player that has a radio FM tuner, or even a HD receiver.


You were supposed to dominate the mp3/music industry and crush the competition. Please prepare to get your jaw rocked by Micro$oft who is about to launch a much better product the which seems better by comparison.  Also, since I kinda mentioned the iPhone, again… please take notes from the Palm Pre architecture and do a “Apple-spin’ to it. In other words, we need a REAL qwerty-key pad on a REAL touch screen phone. We all know that you are capable in designing such a product.

So, please look at the numbers after a few quarters and go back to the drawing board or just go back to the basics. Be the true juggernaut you were supposed to be.

Happy Holidays & Your New MP3 Player

I have been sitting on a few of my posts this week. I will be going off line (with the exception of updating twitter every now and then) for the winter holiday until the new year, yes… the 0h-9.

Now for my people with the new iPods/MP3 players, I will drop a tidbit of knowledge.

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone piracy or downloading music illegally. However, I do believe in educating people on what is out there.

(Credit: CC markusschoepke)

Ways to obtain music for your mp3 player…

1. RIP music from your CD collection. (If you have no CDs, you can of course buy them or check them out from you local library.)

2. GOOGLE the term: stream ripping

3. GOOGLE the term: torrents

4. $$$ for it online @ Rhapsody, Napster, emusic and iTunes Store (iTunes must be installed) I left off Walmart for a reason – They have enough $$$.

5. Highly recommended to STAY away from Kazaa & Limewire unless you have great spyware & virii software installed on your computer.

6. SEARCH newsgroups and message boards… no longer reliable. So I’m not going to go into details however you can further research this topic.

If you know of additional ways to obtain music, please let me know…