Reading refined…

I am not sure if I am ready for this high price item (available on 2/24) that is supposed (to try again to) replace our beloved paper.

If I can do the same or more with my PSP, then Amazon, what is the benefit of spending $359.00 on this device. This is what they told me.

  • light-weight & thin
  • more battery life & storage
  • shop wirelessly to purcha$e titles
  • can play mp3s
  • access blogs via RSS & wikipedia
  • display reads like paper
  • speech to text (now this is hott!)

Supports (.MOBI, .PRC) but not completely .PDFs?! Reserve my place in line? Naaa…  Sorry Amazon, PSP or even an iPod/iPhone is a little more sexy and has way more functions than both of your Kindles.

However, I really need to have one in my hand and use it before I totally dismiss this product. I really like that feature of the capability to text-to-speech feature. I wonder how it sounds? I hope not like Marvin, do ya’ll remember Marvin?

Guess I’ll check out eBay and pick up a first gen Kindle or just scrape up some cash for a Kindle 2 (Right now…I think that IKEA has first dibs of any future purchases of mine).

Also, I will have to keep my ears to the street to find out if the same issues in this blog post by applies to the Kindle 2.