(Don’t sleep on Sony…) What is TransferJet?

I have to give it to Sony for being multimedia pioneers. Believe it or not, they have engineered new wireless technology faster than both bluetooth and wireless USB. This new wireless technology is called TransferJet.

TransferJet will allow the user to simply transfer data from device to device  in close-proximity with blazing speed up to 375 Mbps (above image refs a higher throughput!). I am sure that this speed is key in meeting the new demands for high-definition audio-video recording devices.

Sony has shared that this technology is capable by diminishing the distance and power a signal travels permits the connection and data transfer to be faster and more stable.  Word on the street that TransferJet-enabled devices will hit the market within 2009.

As a consumer, I am looking forward in seeing new devices offering this new technology (and kinda glad that I did not invest in a new camcorder or digital camera this past year. )

Whiteboard Challenge #6

I must apologize for sitting on this challenge for some time. I did have the pleasure of actually doing this with a digital video camera in the classroom. Once the students got past the Hawthorne effect in recording during my lesson, they were actually productive.

On the following day I allow the students to view the video.  Next, I had them to write a reflection on their experience seeing themselves in action learning. Unfortunately due to the restrictions of my district (and the lack of time of my behalf) to have students to sign photo release forms, I cannot post the video.

However, I will try this again for it is good for students to see themselves in a form of visual metacognition (wow, did I coin a new term for this activity)!