5 yrs from now…

May we have a moment of silence for paper publishing (books & magazines), photo processing, DVDs, CD, flea markets, pawn shops, bootleggers and other pre-millennium stuff.

Digital downloads is replacing what my generation has acquired and traded for years. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person that actually rents CDs from Netflix? Will Red Box be around in 2017? Will bootleggers upgrade to blu-ray by then? Will my iPad 3, iPhone, and laptizzle be obsolete in less than five years? Who knows. As things evolve, so shall we.

Are We Hating on Blu-Ray or Sony? Or Both?!

Okay… my break is over & I’ve been quiet long enough… Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

We all know that the HD format war over… Blu-ray is currently king.

Since the demise of the HD DVD, many people are skeptical of adopting the Blu-Ray optical disc format. In general, digital video discs (DVD) have been around for years, and let us not forget that when they were first released, this media was not inexpensive as well.

I continue to run into articles giving advice to Sony to drop the price of the PS3. The only way for that to happen is to not have the Blu-ray option. That would be like offering you a Mercedes with a Hyundai engine. Nice option, eh? Let Sony make their money. Noone is complaining on the high prices of Apple laptops. You get what you pay for, right?

Right now, I don’t think that Sony is concerned about this issue of pushing consoles. It’s about establishing & maintaining ground. Where they have proved that with the PS2 console. Case closed.

However, thoughts such a Blue-ray Sinks the PS3 & Why Sony needs to (but can’t) drop the price of the PS3 constantly point to lack of sales due to cost. I have a great equation for those sipping on the haterade.

1Capacity + 2Durability +  Clarity = Worth the $$$

Some suggest that Blu-ray may be replaced by online streaming. You have got to be kidding!? How about we take all of your CDs and and allow you to access your music library through the facilitation of streaming technology in high definition. Please, let’s kill that thought.

My advice to those not feeling Sony or Blu-ray, do the research and save your dollars because both are going nowhere. IMHO, the only way to make Sony shake in their boots and drop their prices to make it competitive is when Microsoft adapts Blu-ray for the XBox.

Shalom in 2009.


1 Graph below provided by University of Portsmouth

2 Rewritable Blu-ray Disc discs use their own proprietary hard-coat technology called ScratchGuard.