Gamification and #GTAV

On Tuesday, 17-Sep-2013, a highly anticipated video game will be release. If yImageou deal with teenagers, I’m sure that you know what I am talking about. The good people from Rock Star Games will be releasing their next installment of the controversial game Grand Theft Auto 5 (#GTAV). It is no secret that this game has it’s share of negativity in it. However as 21st century educators, we must learn to adapt, modify and flip our lessons to what interests our students to make instruction engaging, relevant and meaningful. For example, now is a great time to have students debate about the violence in video games as the media will discuss in the next few weeks.

Anyway, GTAV is nothing but a open, virtual world or sandbox game just like Second Life, Assassin’s Creed, Sky Rim, or Little Big Planet. My friend David Hutchison has a chapter in his book, Playing to Learn discusses how to make GTA “kid-friendly”. Yes, that deserves a chuckle, or two. He expresses if a teacher wishes to use this game as an educational tool, one must modify the game play and content. David share a great point of view of many game play tasks and other ways to use GTA and other video games for instruction. I highly recommend this book for your teaching pedagogy library.

Gamification is the future of education. I will definitely continue my research and share my finding on this topic. 🙂

Books 2 Read…

I had the opportunity to watch Digital_Nation today on Frontline. I just jotted these three books that were mentioned. If I can get through these three books before the end of the summer, I will definitely have to reward myself or just have a personal celebration.

Douglas Rushkoff

The Dumbest Generation
Mark Bauerlain

The Flickering Mind
Todd Oppenheimer

Our Digitally Obsessed Nation


if is not with oil, it seems that our world would not be the same without it being plugged in.

I will watch this show tomorrow to see how obsessed we have become with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hawk when it comes to technology. However as I get older, I am starting to see both side of how we respect and abuse the things in our digitally connected world.

Blurring the Lines of Reality

As we continue in the millenium, I am not surprised in the latest technology and what will be coming to us soon. Holograms has already reared its beautiful head through the media via CNN and the Iron Man movie. The difference between holograms and augmented reality (AR),  would be that AR operates real-time which both previously mention examplars would qualify under this classification. 

I ran into augmented reality on, yes… Facebook, where GE was advertising this new technology for advertising its SmartGrid technology. GE has a demo for you to actually experience augmented reality. You need a webcam, microphone and a printer to print the marker for the magic to happen. The below demo is more realistic then the one from GE…

The above youtube flick demonstrates the real-time combination of real world and virtual reality! Think of all the real-world math problems one would dream with this technology! 

Please share your ideas how you desire to see this technology to be used.

Virtual World In a Can

As I am in the third week into my Collaboration & Teaching in a Virtual World class, I had a thought….

It would be great to have Second Life to work in an OFF-LINE version. This stand-alone VW engine would enable me to explore my own world for the classroom (just like I would be able to do in LittleBigPlanet). I know that Edusim is available, but it is very limited its functionality; especially online interaction is not there yet.

Today I ran into Moove Online. Looks like this VW allows you to do just that-create your own world and access it offline. Only if SL allow you to do the same plus control access online, it would make it more of a resource versus an entertainment tool.

Virtual Worlds….

Zeke Turbo

SL Alter Ego: Zeke Turbo

I am starting my virtual worlds class with LearnNC. I had the opportunity to meet my online instructor, Lucas Gillispie on Skype before class. He encouraged me to try out World of Warcraft (WoW), of course to look for educational applications. BTW, I picked up a copy of WoW and installed it on my laptop today. It really had a hefty hard drive requirement of 5GB! So I finally found my motivation to clean up my laptizzle!

I will further discuss alter what I learned with my class with using Second Life and WoW. Now…. if I am excited about taking a class where gaming is encourage, I am sure that my students will feel the same!