Ode to The Ditto Machine

I remember my first year of teaching, when I had use the Xerox (showing my age) machine, there was none. As a rookie, I was introduced to this beast….

Mimeograph Pic

Mimeograph machine (Photo provided from http://bit.ly/fIL66g)

I was given some paper that was in duplicate carbon form. When had to make a copy, I had the opportunity to either type out or write my own master sheet. Once I learned how to attach my original master to this device, I was literally able to crank out my copies. I remember how I despised the ink when it got on my hands. However there was nothing like holding fresh moist copies with the powerful purple fluid aroma. Its amazing how the classroom and it’s tools (such as chalkboards, and overheads) has disappeared over the years. Believe it or not, some educators may have not even touched a piece of chalk in their academic background or educational training.  If you have seen, touched, or even used a mimeograph machine, you are truly “old school.”

The reason for this throwback blog post is due to me going through my old teaching materials and I ran across some old (mimeographed) DITTO sheets. I will be in the process of scanning them and recycling to help the environment and minimize my pack rat corner of my apartment.