SB Technique: Move to Reveal

I actually had a productive teacher workday. I created some SB videos, and here is one of them. Enjoy!

________ is a Math Teacher’s Best Friend!

Yes… YouTube is one of the best resources for math teacher! Why? During the Pre-YouTube years, you had to know a dynamite math teacher, attend workshops, conferences, or seminars to see demonstrations of (non-virtual) manipulatives in action.

You can ask any math teacher if they have seen or come across blocks, graphing calculators, protractors, compasses, die, spinners, or the whole frickin’ ETA/Cuisenaire catalog where training was not supplied and DID NOT HAVE A CLUE TO USE IT!

Now, as math educators, this gives us a great reason to create videos (if they are not in YouTube) of HOW to use those pentominoes, 24-Game cards, Ken-Ken/Suduko puzzles, integer chips or even tangrams that has collected dust in our closets and drawers buried underneath posters and miscellaneous teacher crap.

Hip Hop Division

This week I started teaching summer school. One of the few imperative items I go over is basic math terminology. When I discuss the terms of arithmetic problems, I always share this video by 3Xdope with my students to remember the true meaning of dividends in real life and how the video relates to math. Enjoy! 🙂