Exhaustive List of Online Math Resources

I gotta thank http://ccssmath.org/ for this list of resources for math educators. If you are deciding to front-load/flip your classroom, this is a great place to start.

I am familiar to approximately 98.6% of the list. So, this Labor Day weekend is a good time to explore!

  1. Brightstorm
  2. CK12
  3. Class Zone
  4. Geogebra
  5. Glencoe
  6. K-5 Math Teaching Resources
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Kuta Software
  9. Henrico County Mathematics
  10. Illustrative Mathematics Project
  11. IXL
  12. Learn Zillion
  13. Mathematics Assessment Project
  14. Mixing in Math
  15. NCTM Illuminations
  16. National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
  17. PBS Learning Media
  18. Purple Math
  19. Quia
  20. Read Write Think
  21. Regents Prep
  22. Science Net Links
  23. SECC.SEDL.org
  24. Shodor
  25. Smithsonian Education
  26. Teach Engineering
  27. Ten Marks
  28. Texas Instruments
  29. Xpeditions by National Geographic
  30. XP Math
  31. YouTube

Pythagoras… The P Didddy of Mathematics

Love those videos by Vi Hart. We also love this guy Pythagoras. But do we really know him? There are two great reads that claims that this guy plagiarized the an African Theorem and flipped it as the Pythagoras Theorem.

1. “Stolen Legacy” by George GM James

Pythagoras of Samos

2. “Civilization or Barbarism” by Cheik Anta Diop.

If you really want to get weirded-out, do some research on his cult following.

Learn with Intensity

Whether or not it you are a Baltimore Ravens fan or not, you have to love Ray Lewis. With starting the second semester, I desire my students to approach math problems as if they were Ray Lewis on the football field. Now that would be awesome!  This brief video I believe with spark the intensity within my students to accomplish this goal!

Fun and Relevant

Words that I am working on to increase in my classroom. The first quarter of school is almost over. In order for my student to stay Puzzled imageengaged in learning, I must master these two things in my discipline of mathematics.

I guess I could make the excuse that I do not have enough time to plan such lessons, but in order to get my students where they need to be, I must make sacrifices to make connections to these two words.

So I guess I will attempt to dedicate my next few post to the aforementioned topics.


Eh… What’s up, Math Teacher?

What’s up?  This is what’s up…. this link will take you to a TI-73/83/84 FREE emulator called WabbitStudio Z80 Software tools!

It is not as good as TI SmartView, but if you are on a budget, this will do. Here are the directions to create your ROM image for your emulator after downloading the program. Try it out and may you have a great school year!

Yet Another Frickin’ Graphing Calculator Update

Can you actually believe that they are updating the TI-Nspire already? I don’t think that its worth going to Baltimore for NCTM to see it.

Well, maybe so… Looks like they just seperated the numeric and alpha keypad. Unfortunately the keypad is not in the QWERTY format. I wonder if the upgrade is only the keypad upgrade, not the whole kit and kaboodle. Also, I wonder when they will update the TI-84 OS on the TI-Nspire that will allow the cool features of version 2.53MP?!

TI… we need some answers!