The Lost Art of _______________

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 _      __  _     _ _   _    _   _ __    _/_   __   _
(__(_(_/ (_/_)__(_(/___(/_   (_(/ / (__(_(___(_/ (_(_/_

I understand that there is a major crisis going on right now with students and LA teachers battling with writing in txtspk. However, I guess my topic in this post may be insignificant. Please read on and share what you think…

Julie @Teaching Life blog stated that writing in cursive is one of the basics in writing. I agree with her, however… IMHO in math, cursive writing is only important when distinguishing the lower-case ‘L’ to describe the abbreviation of liters. If not, one might think your ‘L’ is the number one.

Since we are being submerged into a digital and standardized-testing data-driven age, the importance of being able to write an official signature is becoming slowly obsolete. So should one actually argue that students in elementary school should be required to learn in cursive when they may never use it?