Monstrous Uniform Resource Locators

Can you believe that a teacher (not calling out any names) or teachers still have students enter monstrously long URLs as displayed above? Don’t you know that by the time the students enter all of the letters CORRECTLY and actually get to the assigned website, that have the class period is gone?

Redirectors or URL shorteners are here to save us (especially students) from the headache from receiving repeated 404 errors/page cannot be displayed errors due to one incorrect character. My personal favorite are &… There are many, many more; in addition, these sites are NOT blocked (for now) by school’s web filters.

So…If you are still posting URLs from hades, shame on you!


Writing Ideas: Super Heros!

Yes… I am a math teacher. However, students must be able to communicate when using numbers. Since reading and writing are important elements of communication, I should give students the opportunity to use these skills in my classroom; especially now high stake assessments in math are less computation and more application and performance-based.

So, I will always talk about writing and reading in addition to math activites on my blog. I ran into this really cool website that maybe more geared to middle schoolers.ty-tyn

With this website, I would use it to challenge my students to create a NEW super hero and write a story, word problem, or narrative chain involving their creation!

If you have any ideas on how to use this website in the classroom, please let me know!