R.I.P. NCWise

Since about around 2005, my school system has been using an online grade book management system called NCWise. The only thing that I personally did not like about it was the difficulty of accessing my gradebook remotely.

20130620-105110.jpgBeing a proud Mac user, I had to use a Windows emulator with the archaic WinXP operating system to input my grades from home. Praise the Lord that next school year, all of this NCWise stuff will now be replaced by an entirely new system.

Yesterday, I received an email from my principal about summer training for a new product from Pearson called PowerSchool (and PowerTeacher). At this time, I have no clue of what I am in for but I am optimistic that the learning curve will be manageable. Of course naturally I will do some personal research to see how others that are using it and share my finding on here.

If you wish to share your personal experience with PowerSchool, please share!