Senteo Madness

Due to the local & state budget crisis, there has been cutbacks on copier usage. Teachers have been running around looking for solutions to avoid making ditto sheets. The tech people at my school (me) are working on conecting our Dukane document cameras to integrate into SMARTNotebook.

Teachers are now diligently requesting to use the handheld interactive response systems from SMARTtechnologies called Senteo remotes. We have had these devices for months, however training was an issue. Teachers are eager to move forward to dare to learn how to use this technology on their own. However, due to the configuration of our school’s laptops, teachers cannot use the new Senteo Teacher software; however the Senteo Manager works like a charm.  This was the first roadblock discovered this past week.

I upgraded Senteo Manager to Teacher (version 2.0.97) on my personal laptizzle and have been creating assessments all week. Here are a few thoughts on the new software upgrade.

  • There is a need to make Senteo more robust as a gradebook.  It would be a great feature to export class list (non-PDF file)  from Senteo Teacher. In other words, there is a need for the functionality to print class roster outside of the reporting feature – Creating PDF takes a very long time, well.. on my laptop anyway. 
  • Import data from “on the fly” questioning into the gradebook is highly desired!
  • Students need multiple representation of data. Cannot view data results as a circle graph – bar graph only.  
  •  Privacy button was a great addition.

I will be going out of town this week to NCTM conference in DC. I will be looking for some great stuff to share…