When to Double Up

doubleupI spent my teacher workday at a MathForward workshop. The presenter used a SMARTboard and an additional LCD projector onto the board. Seemed like an exhaustion of technology; however this was a logical a solution if you need to write on that worksheet that is projected by your document camera OR do not want two surface images to interact (Also this allows the user to break away from that goofy SB transparent layer).

Watch out SmartTech… #2 is on your heels…

My friend Chris Odom clued me on this topic…. This week, I’ll be playing around with Activsoftware (Inspire Edition) to participate in the Promethean Blogging Contest.

I will take my time and put this app to the test since the deadline for blog submission is February 13th. I will of course use this software on a non-Promethean board. Don’t know if that will disqualify me for the contest, but I will still contribute. Please join me and check it out on your IWB.