Real World Math Problem #1: Gas Prices



Being that the price of gas has calmed down, now we have lots of MATH conversations to share and great data to manipulate!

The above images are great for having students make conjectures or to produce a  quick write. To activate students HOTS, have them (NOT YOU!) create problems such as…

1. In each picture, what is the actual price for a gallon of gas? What is the average price?

2. What is the percent of change in price from gas pump A to pump C?

3. Which pump has the closest price of gas now?

We can go on and on, however if you have some additional question to share, please comment! Oh yeah, let’s not forget the awesome data that has to share. For example the following graph of the retail price of gas prices in the US. I’m sure you and especially your students can generate great stimulating questions.