My Thoughts on Teacher Suitability

I feel a little guilty for not blogging for over a month. Unfortunately this blog has been low priority on my totem pole of things to do. I have really been stressed out with the budget situation with my school district. Not to mention feeling the big weight on my shoulders in getting my students to excel on the upcoming state assessments. What teacher is NOT stressed out nowadays, eh?

I ran over an email discussion on teacher suitability; where it was discussed the issue teachers strong in content and yet struggle to get through to students. Here is question that was posed: Is there a way to determine in advance who has the right personality to get through to students? Can this be learned?  Also, how does one judge themselves or others if they are fundamentally unsuited to be a teacher?

In my honest opinion, teaching is something everyone has the natural ability to do. So if one wants to be a teacher, LET THEM!!!  One solution to “weed” people out would to integrate hands-on (not literally!) student interaction in teacher training, not just limit interaction to the praticum/student teaching. I don’t believe that this is an issue to tackle in regards to teacher suitability. I believe in what we should address is KEEPING the teachers that have proved themselves and made a difference in student lives. I have seen many great teachers that are very suited and good with their content, just leave teaching in pursuit of another career path. Teaching is kinda like working on cars. To be a good mechanic, you must know your car parts and work with what you know…