Am I Too Cool For My Corrective Lenses?

I have been wearing my glasses since the seventh grade – the adolescent years. Before then, I think that I had one teacher, Ms. Williamson, in the third grade that recommended to my parents that I needed glasses; because I would squint a lot to see the board. I would not say that my parents neglected me in not getting me glasses. However I was able to function well enough without them.

img006241In my reflection, if my parents listened and obtained glasses for me in the third grade, would I have been a better reader or my academics in general improved? Would my vision be improved now as an adult? Would I have had less friends because of them? Were glasses too expensive then for my parents to purchase for me? I wonder if any other of my classmates needed glasses?

In my honest opinion, we take having good vision for granted. Students (that are not labeled of having a vision impairment) who do not wear their glasses but need them because they have myopia struggle to learn daily. To make my point, if you currently wear glasses remove them and try to picture yourself in a classroom (even in the front) trying to read something on the board, or a worksheet. After a while for me, it becomes frustrating and annoying.

I am sure that you know a student that needs to wear their glasses and do not wear them. Politely pull them to the side and ask them why. Please share your responses.