The Last Days of True Online Anonymity

Believe it or not, everything that we do online and on our cellular devices is traceable. This is not a bad thing due to dangers people pose to the public and National Security.

The days of hiding behind a proxy server to reserve someone’s anonymity for good or bad are numbered. I started this blog post before National Security Agency’s PRISM exposure. Actually, It should not be surprising that this system exists. It only has been confirmed and specific details of this surveillance system are slowly forthcoming from our government.

The true war is over data, whether or not does it really belong to us if it transferred over air or wire. I’m not sure if I desire to choose that battle to fight because there are other issues that are more pressing. So, if you’re hiding behind burners or proxy servers, Big Brother is OFFICIALLY watching you…

Data… The Gentle Juggernaut

data (n) : pieces of information; information

The beast of data is everywhere. We are bombarded by data so much that we take it for granted. In my honest opinion, we fail to see its importance until this smelly beast is either taken from us without consent OR we are notified that it no longer belongs to us; for example, see current Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) issue.

Another example…. In general on the  school front, there exist a  struggle with maintaining an accurate database on parent contact information (which is vital when emergencies arise) and also grades (do all of those stacks of graded/ungraded assignments get inputted into the digital grade book? One missing grade can make or break a student.)

I can go on and on about data… but my main question is when did the value of this data beast increase throughout the many years to become the humongous juggernaut today? Something to think about. Can we blame No Child Left Behind (NCLB)? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)? What do you think?