C’mon Uncle $am…

“Technology should be leveraged to provide access to more learning resources than are available in classrooms and connections to a wider set of “educators,” including teachers, parents, experts, and mentors outside the
classroom. It also should be used to enable 24/7 and lifelong learning.” -Excerpt from National Education Technology Plan 2010 Executive Summary (p.8)

The above statement makes you think that one would really benefit from using technology in education. However, the latest word on the street is that the military is limiting their recruits that have obtained their diplomas via (non-traditional) virtualVirtual Graduate high schools. This sends a strong message against blended, distance, homeschooling and any other variation of learning outside the classroom. Kinda makes you wonder if there is really a difference between graduates of the two different sides of the spectrum.

For example, if someone learns better, excels academically and obtains their diploma using online instruction, should they be excluded from serving our military? In my honest opinion, if someone has earned their diploma traditionally or non-traditionally, I feel that they should have the opportunity to serve our great country. Anyway, isn’t the ASVAB still used to evaluate recruits to see if they can ‘cut the mustard?’