T.I.’s Hottness for 2009

If you thought that I was going to talk about Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., I apologize in misleading you.

However, I just briefly wish to share what I saw at the Texas Instruments booth during NCTM09. The photos below seemed to be all that really caught my attention.

On the left, I got my hands on the new TI-73. This model was designed for the middle school. The updated version of this calc has an increased space for memory to load more apps – where the previous version did not allow. Also, it is officially now sexy like the TI-84s.

To the right, you have the Navigator system designed towards the TI-Nspire. As you can see, the wireless hubs are actually attached to the back of the calcs instead of having the calc hooked up to the wireless hubs. That data cable is gone! Click on the image for additional information and to find out when this system will be released.

T.I.’s theme apparently was “Math Rocks!” I had the opportunity to take a picture beside an autographed guitar signed by the Jonas Brothers. Woo hoo!


The New & Improved TI-73


Wireless TI-Nspire Navigator