NCCTM08 – Day 2 & 3 (10/30-10/31)

I am really enjoying myself at the NCCTM conference this year. As a math educator, I cannot afford to miss this conference each year as compared to the national conference (NCTM). I find that I have more applicable “take aways” as compared to the other conference, not to put it down; However that has been my experience.  It seem like all the sessions that I attended focused on theme (maybe except one I attended) of  Habits & Experiences.

Here a list of the sessions that I attended. Please comment if you wish for me to share the info from any of these sessions.

Day 2

Using Formative Assessment for Problem Solving to Improve EOG/EOC Performance
Michael Gallagher – NCDPI

Revisioning Mathematics for Teacher Education
C.E. Davis – NCCU

KEYNOTE:Engaging in and Reasoning About Important Mathematics
Glenda Lappan – Michigan State University

The Mathematics of Decision Making: MINDSET & AFM
David Royster – UNC-CLT

Developing Algebraic Reasoning in the Middle Grades
Anthony Sapp – NC Teacher Academy

Beyond FOIL – Alternative Methods for Multiplicating and Factoring Polynomials
Todd Rackowitz – Charlotte


Day 3

Using the Last Five Minutes Constructively
Cindy Myers – Thomasville

Fun, Fast, and Fabulous
Anna Crooke – Caldwell

Co-Teaching in the Middle School Math Classroom
Leta Hartley – Caldwell

City Planning for Middle School Students
Patrice Cook & Donna Dodson – Chapel Hill

Web 2.0 Technology and Tools in the Mathematics Classroom
Victor Leith – UNC-Charlotte

Brain Based Teaching Strategies: 10 of the Best Strategies of NC Math Teachers
Teresa Costner – Catawba

My Favorite Mathematical Arguments Plus a Few Bad Stories and Jokes to Help Middle School Students Learn
Wayne Drummond – Buncombe 

NCCTM08 – Day 1 (10/29/2008) Leadership Pre-session

Three presenters came to share their though and set the tone of the conference.

The Key to Effective Teaching and Professional Development
Murrel Hoover – Teachers Development Group

Preparing Students for 21st Century Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Jere Confrey – NCSU

21st Century Mathematics Education at the National University of Singapore High School for Mathematics and Science
Dr. Hang Kim Hoo – Principal, NUS HS