barcampCLT 2

I was very fortunate to be in the attendance of BarcampCLT2 at Area 15. It was great being around people that are so much more geeky than me. And to think that I was once on the path of coding righteousness. I don’t regret being an educator but I do miss the joy of debugging code and troubleshooting network/server issues.

I learned few off the wall things, such as Blackberry users felt the shameful of their devices. Also, Oprah seems to be the benchmark of your Twitter Coolness. (Anyone joined after her is to be considered unoffically lame.) Oh, almost forgot to mention that men that knit are way cool.

I will share a few takeaways from the sessions that I attended.

1. iPhone App Dev Roundtable

I received some inspiriation to get on board in creating iPhone
apps for education, however an Apple laptizzle is required.  It was mentioned the iPhone for Dummies book was a good read. The process of getting an app approved for the App Store was communicated as being very difficult. Pushing apps via ad hoc for clients was mentioned as a work around.

2. Making $$$ Online

This session was a little similar to last year. Here’s a sample from YouTube…

3. 45 Questions in 45 Minutes

Some good info popped up here. Some discussions on Google Wave, FireFox, and Android took the show.

4. Managing Your Social Networks

Long story short, use an RSS new reader aggregator to gather all your Web2.0 sites. Outlook was mention as a good RSS reader becuase it allow you assess RSS feeds behind secure logins.  Also it was discussed the importance of adding value to tweets by linking your social networks.

5. Simple Content Management

The presenter actually went through the stage of registering a site domain, hosting, and dumping CMsimple in a directory to making it live. Very nice… especially since CMsimple does not require having to deal with databases where CM packages such as WordPress and Drupal require.

Sessions that I wish I could have attended:

How to create webcasts that don’t suck
The Rabbit Hole
Google Page Ranking

Overall, this was another successful unconference. I highly recommend you to check one out that’s near you.

Reflections on BarCampCLT (1-24-09)

Today was my 2nd experience with an unconference. BarCampCLT allowed people to bring topics to the people, and through a voting process organized the sessions. If you are a very structured individual, you might have issues with this conference format. However, I had the opportunity to sit on the following presentations. Here are some major points to share with you.

1. Twitter

  • This tool is considered as an information buffet; Only take what you need!
  • tweetdeck was overwhelmingly the apparent the choice of twitter client
  • Be weary of the disruptive elements if you use twitter under your brand – People are known to falsely retweet

2. OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)

  • XO2 is not under development yet – still considered as an artists rendering
  • OLPC discovered that $$ was not an issue for customers
  • Recommended reading: End of Poverty (Jeffrey Sachs) & Innovator’s Dilemma (Clayton M. Christensen)
  • Before OLPC, there was NO netbook market
  • Strength: Cannot beat it’s rugged design & run on very little power
  • Weakness: Networking aspect – Not stable when networking 20-30 XOs; glitch discovered at a conference
  • SW developers & educators are in demand with project; Have you tried XO’s GUI? Get Sugar today!

3. How to make $$ online

  • You should have been here!

4. LinkedIn & Facebook

  • What is your brand?
  • Discussed usage of FB & LinkedIn
  • FB limits you to only 5000 friends; fan page is unlimited
  • In conclusion: Who you are=FB What you do=LinkedIn

5. Resume Killers

  • Resume should go no farther than 10 years back
  • Know your niche
  • +1 versions of resume; customize for market
  • If still employed, you can post anonymously to job search sites and should ask for at least 10% increase

6. Videocast/blog

Look for audio from the above sessions later over here.

Happy Friday, Foo!

Today is a teacher workday in my school district. So I am taking an annual day to reorganize and refocus. Tomorrow I will be attending a BarCamp conference to take a small pulse of local nerdom or nerdativity in Charlotte. So far, I have not seen any topics posted on the BarCamp blog related to education; possible podcasting and video usage, maybe… However I will take good notes as usual and try to do a decent write-up on this event.