In the immortal words of the Game

“Go ‘head and envy me, I’m rap’s Ed Tech‘s MVP and I ain’t going no where so you can get to know me…”

I have been in the computer arena since the early ’80s. Yes, I had Pac-Man fever, pumping quarters in those stand-up video games. Besides beating down my opponents in Combat on my Atari 2600, I received my love for computers/electronics in the sixth grade. I used to stay after school in the library to play a math game called Rockets on an Atari 400 computer. I was later bestowed my first personal computer… a  TRS-80 CoCo with a tape recorder to store data and a 300 baud modem! I later upgraded to a Commodore-64 & 1541 floppy disk drive. Living the life of playing text-based games and visiting local bulletin board systems (BBSes) during my teenage days.

From my humble beginnings, I also became very fond of the classroom from my mother who is (she hasn’t retired yet!) a third grade teacher. I enjoyed helping her decorate her classroom at the beginning of the school year and begged her to help grade her papers.

1st Year in Teaching in Baltimore ID

Much later in life, I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics at Morris College in Sumter, SC (Minor in Secondary Ed) and studied at Coppin State College in Baltimore, MD. I have taught three years in the Baltimore City Public School System. I have also worked in the private sector as Support Center Technician where I receive the majority of my computer networking skills. Besides that, I have served my country in the MD Air National Guard as an Information Management specialist (fancy name for secretary with crazy computer skills).

I am now back in the school system where I am still in education since 2003. I look forward in sharing my mathematics and technology expertise especially after finishing my Masters of Education degree in Instructional Technology with Lesley University.

Disclaimer: What I share on this blog are my views and do not necessarily reflect the views, strategies or opinions of my school district.