I forgot when I purchased this device, but when I saw this informercial, I had to get it.

When I saw that it easily converted from a ladder, to a hand truck, and then to a flat cart the credit card was already out.

Every school year, at the beginning and end, I get the most use from it when I have to transfer my boxes of teaching stuff from my classroom to either another classroom or to my car. Since I’m so short, I really needed the ladder part to hang my student work and posters on my classroom walls. When the school’s flat cart is not available, when people ask to borrow my Total Trolley, I charge them $10 per usage. Just kidding. But the investment that I made to it was well worth it. Not sure if they are still selling them, but if you ever run into one at the thrift store, or yard sale, I highly recommend you to immediately pick it up!