What went well: Students are following routine of entering classroom and completing warmup immediately. Lessons pace are  smooth. Taking time to learn students names on the first day paid off as usual.

Proof: Completion of work that I have to grade this weekend! I was able to recall students names when speaking to them at opening football game. (I impressed myself!)

What did not: One of my blocks is behind a day due to schedule challenges with assemblies and a few students still “not getting it”. Will catch them up next week. Noticed some students are not used to group work and had difficulty in participating in interacting with other students. I will not give up on them!

Proof: Executed two activities that required student movement and interaction and on an average, maybe 40% students from all three blocks participated without being encouraged.

Action (What I MUST change for Monday): Maintain pace and allow students to see the measurement of their learning from pre/post testing for the rest of this unit and the others. Also review classroom limits and procedures. Need to survey students to gauge their interests on my lessons.

Next reflection update: At end of December