Start every day with a smile and get it over with.   ~W.C. Fields

Pic of Smiling Teacher

I was looking through my post drafts this weekend and ran into this one I started right before Thanksgiving break. The question posed in this blog post is usually asked by FYTs (1st year teachers).

Way back in the day during my rookie year as a teacher, I was informally told not to smile until Christmas. I guess not smiling non-verbally communicated that you were not necessarily their “friend”, but their teacher. However, I am sure that there is research out there that points out that effective educators build relationships with their students in order to get them engaged to increase student achievement. In my opinion,  a smile simply communicates that you are approachable.

Now, did I take this advice? It is really difficult to smile with out laughing and as the saying goes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. In the classroom, everyone has a “special” moment or situation when you have to stop and enjoy the moments of your students creativity and just…. 🙂