Last week, I was happy to discover of the new OS upgrade for the TI-84 graphing calculator. Unfortunately my school has a limited supply of the 84’s and a plethora of the 83’s.

So until TI mirrors the upgrade or makes MathPrint available on the 83, there will not be any function equitability. My issue is that high stakes testing is around the corner and I am hesistant in recommending in upgrading the 84 devices due to this issue.

I played around with the new upgrade this weekend and it is a great addition to the 84. (As a highschooler, I would be thrilled to perform matrix functions at the home screen.) In NC, 8th graders are permitted to use graphing calcs for the whole test (End-Of-Grade).  The MathPrint function that allows stacked fractions would really give them an edge.

So, TI…. what is next?