After reading this article provided by my principal today, I decided to go ahead and do a little reflecting. I figured she forwarded this article to us because this style of teaching is vital in maintaining academic engagement in high-poverty schools.

I definately agree that a warm demander must enforce respect in the classroom and insist students to complete the academic tasks. But… what is warm demander? One who displays personal warmth while maintaining an instructonal style that demands achievement.

To become a warm demander, one must:

  1. build relationships deliberately
  2. learn about students’ cultures
  3. communicate an expectation of success

 I really found it interesting that the article pin-pointed the issue of highly disengaged middle school students. These student shared that they were simply bored with the curriculum.  Warm demanders must reach out to these students to make content relevant and rigorous to defeat boredom. Check out the article for yourself and discover some additional information to assist you and your students towards the pursuit of academic excellence.