Web 2.0: The New Int’l Teachers’ Lounge

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Back in 1994 when I began my journey as a classroom teacher, there was once a time where there was a place called the teachers’ lounge. This was where slightly seasoned and ripened ol’ educators would congregate. In my new teacher training classes long ago, I was warned to stay outta these parts. However when I did pass through, I would always hear statements that started as “these kids…” or “you would not believe what <insert challenging student> did today…”

With the lack of such places in schools and due to the nature and convenience of technology we now have these places once again virtually on social networks; but with a massive audience vesus or two to three collegues.

Things that you could say to your close professional peers behind closed doors should not be said to 200+ followers or friends. So a note caution goes out to my fellow edtech posse that embrace web2.0 technologies. The teachers’ lounge is necessary for camaraderie, collaboration and stress decompression but it has no place in an online environment without reprocussions designated by your local school district. Need any examplars?

Please choose how you use your personal learning network (PLN) wisely…


When to Double Up

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doubleupI spent my teacher workday at a MathForward workshop. The presenter used a SMARTboard and an additional LCD projector onto the board. Seemed like an exhaustion of technology; however this was a logical a solution if you need to write on that worksheet that is projected by your document camera OR do not want two surface images to interact (Also this allows the user to break away from that goofy SB transparent layer).

Apple… You can do better by yourself.


Here is my last blog post dedicated to the good people of Apple Computers, Inc.

ATTENTION – Brother Jobs and the others engineers at Apple: We DO NOT NEED a music player that takes pictures or videos. We NEED a music player that has a radio FM tuner, or even a HD receiver.


You were supposed to dominate the mp3/music industry and crush the competition. Please prepare to get your jaw rocked by Micro$oft who is about to launch a much better product the which seems better by comparison.  Also, since I kinda mentioned the iPhone, again… please take notes from the Palm Pre architecture and do a “Apple-spin’ to it. In other words, we need a REAL qwerty-key pad on a REAL touch screen phone. We all know that you are capable in designing such a product.

So, please look at the numbers after a few quarters and go back to the drawing board or just go back to the basics. Be the true juggernaut you were supposed to be.