Real World Math Problem #3: Clovers

IMG00036If you have a green thumb, you should know the difference between shamrocks and clovers. The picture to the right would be an example of clovers. Actually, many people discourage their growth, due to their classification as weeds. Many people do not care as long as their lawn is green! However, let me get to the point.

This picture is a great example to strike a conversation with students when introducing the topic of probability (not only in March!!!). Asking students questions as, have you ever found a 4-leaf clover? How long did it take you to find one? It would be really cool to have students to go outside and find at least one in a set duration of time and the person that finds it has no homework for the week! Now that would really be lucky!

Also, besides probabilty in nature, students can research to read more about clovers and shamrocks and possibly write what they learned about them and possibly link some math to the topic. Believe it or not, there is a Four-Leaf Clover Finders guide (PDF) that reports that there is 1 four-leaf clover in 10,000 clovers. You may want to wait to share or let the students discover that fact. 🙂 Happy hunting!