As I go along my way in this age of technology, I am still amazed in how little people know about the Internet and what it has to offer. For example, if you have not AT LEAST heard about MySpace, Facebook or Twitter by now, you must really have your head in the dirt.

I ran across some information from a past workshop that I attended long ago that discussed the generational differences.The generations were broken down as traditionalist, boomer, genX, and genY. It is very interesting to see the comparison between them especially when it comes to technology.

Traditionalist – Uncomfortable
Boomer –
Gen X –
Unable to work without it
Gen Y –
Unfathomable if not provided

It is also interesting to see people operating out of their expected technology window. For example, my grandmother that is 82 years old expressing great interest in learning how to send an email. No… not happening; Or a twenty-something year old asking for directions when they are available via GPS, or on cell phone.

After further thinking about this topic, it also dawned on me…what would be the ‘killer app‘ of each generation.

Traditionalist – Radio
Boomer – Television
Gen X – Between the Sony Walkman and the video game system
Gen Y – Cell phone

The above hints to further discussion… much later.