Me in '02 with 1st laptizzle (Yeah, I used to rock the locs...)



 As we all know, the demand for laptops has increased. People are more mobile and sometimes get a little careless in their actions in public places with their valuable devices.

When I purchased my real (1st laptop was a joke) laptop in 2005 I don’t think that I ever let it out of my sight. I guess, stepping away from your laptop nowadays is kinda like leaving your car on when gasing up or running in the house for something you forgot. Brett Burney has a great blog post (back in 2005) that discusses the same topic and give additional tips.

I know for a fact that libraries make sure that if you’re leaving your belongings (including your laptop) unattended, you are at your own risk. If you do decide to seperate from your laptop for using the bathroom, telephone, or even take a quick smoke outside, I highly recommend all laptop users to invest in a cable lock to protect your investment in deterring theft. Better safe than sorry…