As we continue in the millenium, I am not surprised in the latest technology and what will be coming to us soon. Holograms has already reared its beautiful head through the media via CNN and the Iron Man movie. The difference between holograms and augmented reality (AR),  would be that AR operates real-time which both previously mention examplars would qualify under this classification. 

I ran into augmented reality on, yes… Facebook, where GE was advertising this new technology for advertising its SmartGrid technology. GE has a demo for you to actually experience augmented reality. You need a webcam, microphone and a printer to print the marker for the magic to happen. The below demo is more realistic then the one from GE…

The above youtube flick demonstrates the real-time combination of real world and virtual reality! Think of all the real-world math problems one would dream with this technology! 

Please share your ideas how you desire to see this technology to be used.