The other day at the supermarket, I ran into this great “we all use math everyday” problem.

1-box of 6 Ice Cream Sandwiches for 2/$4.00
1-box of 12 Ice Cream Sandwiches 2/$5.00
1-box of 12 Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches 2/$5.00
1-box of 6 Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches 1/$3.99

The above image is great for having students make conjectures or to produce a  quick write. I linked the above items to their calorie counts – another way to integrate some math.

As I always say… To activate students HOTS, have them (NOT YOU!) create problems/questions such as…

1. Which box of ice cream sandwiches is the better buy? Why?

2. When would the box of 6 that cost 2 for $4.00 be the better buy? Give some scenarios.

3. Why is the box of mini ice cream so expensive?

We can go on and on, however if you have some additional question to share, please comment!