Have you ever been by a classroom that had either a SmartBoard or Promethean board where the forbidden has ever happened? Where the teacher, substitute, or even student used a dry erase marker on the surface of your pristine tech tool?!

Is it ever okay to use an expo marker on this board? I am sure that lighening bolts from the sky will not strike you however it may be considered totally unorthodox to mark it up.

I’ve found some occasions where I am drawn (no pun intended) to use my dry erase marker when I use my document camera (Elmo) with the SmartBoard. Unfortunately since I do not have the software to make my Elmo’s image ink aware, my ink awareness comes from my expo marker!

Immediately cleaning is required to maintain the surface is dry erase markered up. I have seen SmartBoards used as portable whiteboards and seen the surface quality diminish with ghost writing that refuses to go away with the strongest surface cleaner available on the market. Do if you do use DRY ERASE (not permanent) markers, do it with caution & care!