The Content Creation Seminar is its first to be conducted by official sMARTIANS on the campus of UNC-Charlotte. It started today (2/6) and will continue until Sunday (2/8)! By the end of the seminar, it is expected for participants to create ten notebook artifacts in order to be a SMART-accredited content developer.

I will attempt to briefly summarize the main points of the first day. Unfortunately wifi was not available, which was not an accident. Also, it was asked to not have laptops available due to their “distract-ability”. The first presenter broke down all of the new features of notebook version 10. Yes, even I the SB master learned something today! The following cool techniques were also demonstrated and may be found on TeacherTube. (I may later explain these techniques in future blog posts!)

1. Move to reveal
2. Magic box
3. Magic tunnel

The next presenter discussed…

1. Getting started… Remember IMMEDIACY, INTERACTIVITY & RICHNESS
2. Cool vs. Clear

The last presenter demonstrated all the features of the Lesson Activity Toolkit. He further stressed the following in creating great SB lessons.

1. Efficiency
2. Interactivity
3. Engaging
4. Sizzle must have substance!

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend day 2 of the seminar because I will be taking some students to a MathCounts competition. However on Sunday I will be able to wrap up the workshop. Wifi will be available on Sunday, so I will be tweeting further updates.

Audio files will be available here soon…