Among comments made to The Charlotte Observer article, several posters suggested that firing was too harsh a punishment for the Thomasboro teacher.

“The teacher probably didn’t understand the privacy settings on her Facebook account. Information you post can be either publicly viewable or something that is just seen by your friends. She probably thought what she was posting was private, but left the default settings on to let everyone see your profile,” commented BluNews.

Quoted from THE Journal article

facebookteacher1I may have briefly discussed in a previous post in how educators need to be responsible when embracing web 2.0 resources. One of these resources called Facebook (FB) have created personal havoc for not only teachers, but people in general not aware of the many privacy setting to protect yourself from outside scrutiny;  even when being careful of one’s own actions.

There are many examples as quoted above to represent the lack of what Nick O’Neill from the blog  has taken the time to share. Nick demonstrates how to get a firm control on FB’s privacy settings here.

Please take heed to these precautions and enjoy what the web has to offer in healthy collaboration!