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Constant: that which is permanent or invariable; a quantity that remains at a fixed value throughout a given discussion

Variable : something that is variable; something whose value may be dictated or discovered

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Today as I sat in a team meeting where the variables and constants were discussed. Usually these two terms are used in a mathematical way (I was enlightened on this topic because automatically in my brain I could see the application as a Believer.) However, the presenter stated that in school, there are variables and constants.

An example would be the students, they will always come therefore they would be considered constants. You would assume that effective and engaging instruction would be a constant in all classes, unfortunately this does not occur therefore becoming variables. So are variables always seen as negative?

In the classroom (and in life) take a minute and determine what are your constants and variables. Please comment any “ah-ha” moments or what I’ve share is just a bunch of baloney…