Today was my 2nd experience with an unconference. BarCampCLT allowed people to bring topics to the people, and through a voting process organized the sessions. If you are a very structured individual, you might have issues with this conference format. However, I had the opportunity to sit on the following presentations. Here are some major points to share with you.

1. Twitter

  • This tool is considered as an information buffet; Only take what you need!
  • tweetdeck was overwhelmingly the apparent the choice of twitter client
  • Be weary of the disruptive elements if you use twitter under your brand – People are known to falsely retweet

2. OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)

  • XO2 is not under development yet – still considered as an artists rendering
  • OLPC discovered that $$ was not an issue for customers
  • Recommended reading: End of Poverty (Jeffrey Sachs) & Innovator’s Dilemma (Clayton M. Christensen)
  • Before OLPC, there was NO netbook market
  • Strength: Cannot beat it’s rugged design & run on very little power
  • Weakness: Networking aspect – Not stable when networking 20-30 XOs; glitch discovered at a conference
  • SW developers & educators are in demand with project; Have you tried XO’s GUI? Get Sugar today!

3. How to make $$ online

  • You should have been here!

4. LinkedIn & Facebook

  • What is your brand?
  • Discussed usage of FB & LinkedIn
  • FB limits you to only 5000 friends; fan page is unlimited
  • In conclusion: Who you are=FB What you do=LinkedIn

5. Resume Killers

  • Resume should go no farther than 10 years back
  • Know your niche
  • +1 versions of resume; customize for market
  • If still employed, you can post anonymously to job search sites and should ask for at least 10% increase

6. Videocast/blog

Look for audio from the above sessions later over here.