To wrap-up the whiteboard challenge, I am to reflect and answer the following questions in regards to when I should NOT use the whiteboard.

  • Why did you decide to switch OFF the IWB for that activity? Some activities that require hands-on manipulatives where using the whiteboard would be over-kill; Or when an activity requires group work. Unfortunately, the particular whiteboard that we have at school does not allow multiple contacts. If I have an activity that requires physical activity, the IWB takes away the students’ opportunity to be outside as compared to virtual trips inside the classroom. For example , I used an activity that requires TI-84 calculators and the CBRs to measures distance.

  • Some information on what the activity was? Instead of showing pictures of a triangular prisms on a IWB and having them to find the surface area & volume, I had students create the rectangular prisms of different sizes with toothpicks and marshmallows; and then use rulers to find the length & width of the figure and later discover the SA & V of their prisms

  • What other curriculum areas do not lend themselves very well to the use of the IWB? Any skill that requires hands activities to build concepts instead of the visual demonstrations where the IWB meets this need.

  • How do you go about developing a positive ethos of use within your school that doesn’t generate pressure on staff to use the technology? Unfortunately at my school, teachers that have no board space must utilize their IWB for instruction. I lend myself for support and encourage others to enroll in IWB professional development . Also I recommend teachers to observe other teachers that knows how and when to use the IWB effectively.