Kump’s Speed Reading Challenge (#ksrc) – W1D1

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
– Frederick Douglass

This weekend I decided since I kinda slacked up on my workout routine, I might as well exercise my mind in working on improving my reading (especially since I have a plethora of books around the house I am dying to read and blogs in my newsreader waiting for my attention!)

So, I finally cracked open this book that has been sitting around the house for years called BREAKTHROUGH Rapid Reading by Peter Kump. I will be starting with week one and share my results on this blog and results via GoogleDocs. I believe that this program runs for at least six weeks.

Peter has instructed me to do the following two things in the first exercise. First, I had to pick at least ten books to read (Listed my books on profile on GoogleDocs. Next, to write down any topic or subject that I would like to learn more about if I had the time. I selected Linux as my topic.

For the first week I need to locate a timing device (check), pen & paper (using Word processor), a book for testing, a book for pleasure reading, and a recording device.

Next, will be timing myself to rate where I stand. I will further update the results in GoogleDocs!