Yes… the stare of death into their laps.

As a middle school teacher, it kills me when I catch a student doing this classic move. When confronting the student, they say…..”I’m not doing anything! What are you talking about?” You know without a doubt that they are TEXTING!!!! It has been known for some students to actually text without looking at the keys. Amazing memorization and dexterity, eh?

Also, beware of the silent/mosquito ringer tone. Depending on the teacher’s age, you will not be able to hear the tone; as illustrated by the graph provided below from

Fortunately I can hear it for now because I often play around with it on my phone during staff meetings to aggravate the younger teachers.

Due to the growing issues with cell phones in the classroom, we might as well use these devices to our advantage. I am looking forward to the bright engineers from Texas Instruments to team up with Black Berry to create the ultimate graphing calculator/smart phone. I know that there are free apps such as gCalc and XCalc BlackBerry that will allow this to happen now. In my humble opinion, I feel that if TI endorses/creates the product, I do believe that it would actually be embraced within our school systems…. maybe. What do you think?