If it ain’t broke…Well, you know the rest. Does this phrase apply to the art of EFFECTIVE teaching (sans technology)?

Please allow me to compare teaching to an operating system. For example, if MS-DOS was a teacher from the ’80s, could it still be useful and EFFECTIVE today in 2008?

As we know, DOS is ancient and is only utilized when your system crashes (have you fdisk‘ed or scandisk‘ed lately?) . In otherwords, when all else fails, you must start at the foundation. If your foundation is weak, it will surely be discovered sooner or later.

Wednesday at the library, I picked up a great find in the books for sale. The name of the book is Instructors and their jobs by W.R. Miller & H.C. Rose. The book was published way back in 1961. After perusing the book I notice that the target audience is for vocational teachers but can be modified for any discipline. 

The book starts off discussing the sound platform/fountation for EFFECTIVE instruction. Listed under this platorm are the following absolute essential six qualities:

1. Competence in the subject
2. Mastery of instruction technique
3. Creativeness & resourcefulness
4. The habit of evaluation
5. The desire to instruct
6. Ability to develop good personal relationships

It is great to see in print how some things in education has not changed no matter we have seen or experienced its evolution in to the new millenium. I will further share other great tidbits from this book.